Preventive Dentistry

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Dr. Guardiola has chosen to center his Wylie practice on prevention. One aspect of this is our commitment to offering quality cleanings and exams. With every checkup we complete, we’re helping patients stop common dental problems before they start or before they become more serious than they already are.

Preventive dentistry isn’t just about checkups and cleanings, though. Each of the services listed on this page have a preventive component that makes a dramatic difference in smile health and beauty

Checkups & Cleanings

Caring for your smile every day will help you enjoy better oral health throughout your life. It takes more than just daily brushing and flossing to achieve a truly healthy smile. Dental cleanings and exams play an essential role as well.

We recommend visiting Dr. Guardiola’s dental office in Wylie every six months for a comprehensive checkup. These appointments—which are vital for adults and children alike—give Dr. Guardiola and his team the opportunity to remove harmful bacteria and plaque. Dr. Guardiola also completes a full oral exam at every checkup to diagnose any developing problems. The most common oral health problems include gum disease, tooth decay, bruxism, and TMJ dysfunction. Diagnosing and treating any of these as early as possible prevents them from worsening and causing serious harm to oral health.

Periodontal Treatment

If left untreated, advanced periodontal disease leads to bone loss, tooth loss, and even an increased risk of serious health problems elsewhere in the body. These health problems include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and certain pregnancy complications. Learn how to combat these problems with periodontal (gum) disease treatment at our Wylie, Texas dental office.

Children’s Dentistry

Adults aren’t the only ones who need to see a dentist on a routine basis. That’s why Dr. Guardiola is proud to serve Wylie’s youngest as well. With every checkup, we want to put your little one on the road to exceptional oral health, and cleanings and exams are just part of how we’re accomplishing this. We also believe in providing young patients with the education and training to become better stewards of their oral health between visits.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer claims roughly one life every hour. What’s more, many instances of oral cancer aren’t diagnosed until it’s already reached a well-developed stage. This often makes successful treatment much more unlikely. With these grim facts in mind, Dr. Guardiola believes routine oral cancer screenings are important. With frequent screenings, we can do more to help patients make a diagnosis early, so they have an increased chance of fully recovering.

Custom Sportsguards

If you or someone else in your family is an athlete, a sportsguard is an essential piece of equipment—just as essential as a helmet, kneepads, or shoulder pads—but not every sportsguard is made equal. Most sporting goods stores sell a basic kind of sportsguard that offers some protection, but only a custom-made sportsguard offers truly effective protection from injury. To learn more about how a sportsguard can help you, please contact our Wylie dental office.

Nightguards for TMJ/Bruxism

A nightguard is a custom-made orthodontic appliance that helps patients protect their teeth from the damage that can be caused by teeth grinding. The specific condition that nightguards are designed to address is known as bruxism. Bruxism is often triggered by stress, and those who struggle with it, are the most vulnerable to its effects while they’re asleep. Wearing a nightguard minimizes or even prevents teeth grinding and its various consequences.

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Snoring keeping you up at night? Do you wake up with a headache and spend your day feeling exhausted? You may be experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. This sleep disorder is the result of the airway being obstructed during sleep blocking airflow. The body wakes itself repeatedly to restart breathing leaving sleep apnea suffers facing exhaustion even after a full night’s sleep. If you struggle with sleep apnea, let Dr. Guardiola talk to you about treating your condition with a custom-made oral appliance.

Digital X-Rays

As effective as a visual exam can be, there are limits to what can be diagnosed with the naked eye. That’s why Dr. Guardiola also relies on digital radiography. By taking X-rays, he gains even more insight into your needs. What’s more, because X-ray technology has evolved over the years, the process is safer and more comfortable than it’s ever been. Patients are exposed to 90-percent less radiation, and the results don’t have to be developed with harmful chemicals.

At-Home DENTAL Care

Following a good home dental care regimen is essential for enjoying a healthy smile between visits. If you can, try brushing after every meal. If you can't do that, brush at least twice a day. This keeps debris and plaque from building up around your teeth. Regular flossing is also essential. We recommend flossing at least once a day, preferably at night. Finally, to strengthen your teeth and prevent damage from harmful bacteria, finish your routine by rinsing with a quality mouthwash. Following this regimen will extend the life of your natural smile.

Emergency Dentistry

Picture this: your child is passing an uneventful summer afternoon swimming in the pool, but suddenly, your child is crying and clutching her mouth. She miscalculated the distance to the end of the pool, and hit the wall face first chipping her front tooth. In just a few seconds, a peaceful day becomes a stress filled nightmare. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we can help. Simply give our Wylie dental office a call to speak with one of our team members about your needs.