Cosmetic Dentistry

All Ceramic Restorations

Do you wish your smile had a little more sparkle or looked a little straighter? Dr. Guardiola is proud to offer a range of today’s best cosmetic dentistry services to help local Wylie area patients in exactly the same position as you. With his commitment to personalized care, Dr. Guardiola takes the time to learn about your specific goals before recommending a particular service. Our team believes that every cosmetic dental plan should pay close attention to the patient’s particular hopes and dreams.

Teeth Whitening

Staining is a common problem. It’s primarily caused by the foods and drinks we consume but also by tobacco use and aging. Thankfully, there are real whitening solutions available for patients to take advantage of. With professional whitening from our Wylie dental office, you can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile.

Dr. Guardiola offers two forms of whitening by Opalescence Whitening: in-office whitening and at-home whitening. With in-office whitening, patients are able to create stunning results in just a single appointment. At-home whitening  uses custom-made trays and a supply of whitening gel to produce comparable results over a period of one to two weeks.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

For many years, the best solution for treating cavities was an amalgam filling. Amalgam fillings are made of a variety of metals and are dark gray in color. The metal aspect makes them durable, but also causes them to expand and contract with changes in temperature. What’s more, their dark color stands out against an otherwise white smile. As a result, many patients with old amalgam fillings feel self-conscious about smiling openly.

Thankfully, tooth-colored fillings have become the new standard for treating cavities. Tooth-colored fillings are made of a plastic and glass material known as composite resin. Unlike the amalgam filling material, composite resin can be shaded in such a way as to blend in with your smile’s natural color. In fact, no one but you and our local Wylie, Sachse area team will ever have to know about your treatment once it’s complete.

The cosmetic benefit of tooth-colored fillings is just part of what makes them a better solution, though. In addition to blending in, they also bond with teeth in a way that actually supports the patient’s remaining tooth structure. This has the result of preventing breakage and insulating the patient’s teeth from changes in temperature.

Tooth-colored fillings are also a more conservative choice because less of the tooth has to be removed prior to placement. As a result, patients are able to keep more of their natural smile for longer.

Do you live in the Wylie, Sachse, Murphy area and are interested in removing your old, amalgam dental fillings? Are you interested Would you like to learn more about the cosmetic and restorative benefits of tooth-colored fillings? Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Guardiola’s dental office with your questions. Our friendly front office team always loves hearing from new and returning patients.

Porcelain Veneers

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a smile that looked whiter and straighter, porcelain veneers can help you achieve these results in as few as two appointments. Veneers are made from very thin pieces of dental porcelain and placed over the patient’s front teeth to hide common flaws. Dr. Guardiola takes your overall appearance into consideration when designing your veneers. The goal is to provide patients with results that look both natural and beautiful.

All-Ceramic Restorations

Over the years, dental restorations have been made from a variety of materials, including precious metals like gold. While all of these materials are durable and help patients achieve functional and even beautiful results, not all of them come close to mimicking the way a natural tooth looks.

That’s why our dental office in Wylie is proud to offer all-ceramic restorations. With their natural-looking appearance, we can help patients meet their restorative needs with a natural-looking solution.

Suppose you need a restoration that’s more comprehensive than a basic filling but not quite as extensive as a full crown. What kind of restoration would help you? In these cases, Dr. Guardiola might recommend either an inlay or an onlay. They’re both designed to confront decay or structural problems, but they’re milled from porcelain instead of being made from composite resin.

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Have you avoided orthodontic care in the past because you didn’t want to wear braces? Dr. Guardiola offers a special cosmetic alternative to traditional braces. Known as Invisalign, this popular solution can help you bring your teeth into proper alignment using a series of clear trays instead of metal brackets and wires.

Would you like to learn more about Invisalign® clear braces and how they can help you smile again? Call our Wylie dental office to reserve your consultation with Dr. Guardiola. Located pn Woodbridge Parkway near Wylie High School, we love serving patients from Murphy, Lucas, Sachse, and beyond.