Dental Implants

Are you in the unfortunate position of needing tooth replacements? Do you wish you could replace your existing bridge, partial, or full denture with a better solution? The good news is there’s a single solution that can help patients in both of those categories. Known simply as dental implants, this restorative service is famous for its versatility. Whether you need to replace just a single tooth or you need to replace a full upper or lower row of teeth, Dr. Guardiola can provide dental implants with transformative results. IF you are searching for a dental implant provider in the Wylie, Sachse, Murphy area, reach out to our Maxwell Creek Family Dentistry team.

Results that Look and Feel Natural

While a traditional bridge or denture can look like a natural part of your smile, there’s something that these older restorative options don’t do—they don’t replace your missing tooth roots. Dental implants, on the other hand, do.

Your tooth roots have two very important jobs. First, they hold teeth in place and provide your entire smile with the stability required to enjoy nutritious but hard-to-eat foods. Second, they stimulate new bone growth in the jawbone so it remains healthy throughout your life.

When you lose one or more of your roots, the jaw eventually loses bone tissue. This leads to the loss of additional teeth, but with dental implants, patients have a way of preserving or strengthening their jawbone.

The Dental Implants Difference

When one or more implants are placed in a patient’s jaw, a process known as osseointegration begins to occur. During this process, the patient’s implant(s) form a strong, natural bond with the jawbone creating a stable foundation for the patient’s restoration.

Dr. Guardiola refers patients out for the surgical phase of treatment, but the second phase—which involves the attachment of a new dental crown, bridge, or denture—will be completed in our Wylie dental office. Once your new restoration has been attached, you leave our office feeling confident about your smile’s new and improved future.