Dental Crowns

What is a dental crown? Also known as a cap, it is a thin, tooth-shaped covering that gives you back your strong, functional smile after tooth decay or damage. Crowns are also used in tooth replacement as part of a bridge. Dr. Guardiolaprovides dental crowns in Wylie.

Dental crowns have long been a trusted solution in restorative dentistry -- and Dr. Guardiola is providing high-quality, beautiful restorations at Maxwell Creek Family Dentistry.

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown fits securely around a damaged tooth above the gum line to restore its size, strength, shape, and appearance. Made out of porcelain, porcelain fused-to-metal, gold, or metal alloys, the crown is customizable depending on the location of the tooth as well as your own preference. Crowns in the back teeth are often made of gold, while porcelain offers an aesthetic alternative for teeth in the front of the smile. You and Dr. Guardiola will discuss which option is best for you.

When Do I Need a Dental Crown?

You need a dental crown when tooth decay is so significant that it cannot be treated with a simple filling. It also restores the strength and shape of a tooth that has been broken or otherwise damaged. Crowns are sometimes used to make cosmetic improvements to flawed front teeth -- like changing their size, shape, or color. A dental crown may be used as the final step in a root canal, too.

A set of dental crowns affixed to each other is known as a dental bridge. The bridge restores a patient’s ability to use their teeth properly, eating, speaking, and smiling with ease. It also prevents the teeth surrounding the gap from drifting out of place and causing orthodontic issues. When supported by dental implants, crowns and fixed bridges are the sturdiest tooth replacement option available.

How Is a Dental Crown Placed?

Placing the dental crown may take two visits to your dentist’s office. In the first, Dr. Guardiola will prepare your tooth for the crown and take impressions and x-rays for its creation. A temporary crown will be placed in the first appointment.

Approximately two weeks later, your permanent crown has been manufactured and is ready for final placement. You return to our office, the temporary is removed, and the permanent is cemented securely on top. You will bite down on carbon paper and your dentist will reshape the crown as needed to make sure it fits properly with your bite.

Caring for your new dental crown or fixed bridge does not require much special maintenance. Just make sure you are brushing and flossing your teeth as recommended, concentrating on the area below your crown or bridge to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Gum disease and tooth decay affect the health of your restoration, so keep it clean to make sure it lasts for years to come.

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